Life = Transitions

We are constantly changing. From first breath to final breath, life is all about transitions. But godly transitions take intention. The next few weeks, we will be studying some of the major transitions that happened as recorded in God’s word. We will see men women who have been through transitions successfully.

Our church is in the midst of transition. Through the wise leadership of Bro. Russ, Silver Springs Baptist Church has been healthy and effective. But the key for all of us now is to prepare for the future. Let’s pray as a church that God will guide every change and transition that we experience. Prayer is the key!

Let’s pray for our transition team, our personnel committee, and our finance committee. Let’s pray that this time of transition will unite rather than divide us.

When I began at Silver Springs Baptist Church, I challenged us all to pray a simple prayer: “Surprise me” it’s amazing to me to see how God has surprised us all. Here’s one example of a surprise:

One of the things that we have discussed is the need for upgrades in the facility before our new pastor comes to lead us. Through the generosity of a former member we see a potential to make these changes as well as provide an outlet for financial stability and growth. Let’s pray that God guides our leadership team to propose just the right changes that need to be made.

Transitions are so important! Let’s trust God as he takes us to the next level of impact in Mount Juliet, Tennessee and around the world. Let’s stay together and pray together that God will fulfill his mission on Earth as it is in Heaven.

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