Sunday School

Sunday School is

We Are!! We Have Classes for Everyone

Nursery- Bed Babies to 2yo
Preschool- 2yo to 3yo
Preschool- 4yo to 6yo
Children- 7yo to 11yo
Youth- Grade 6 to Grade 12
Young Adults – 18yo to 25yo
Adults 2- 26yo to 50yo
Adults 3- 50+
Adults 4- 55+
Senior Women- 55+
Men- 50+
Topics- Open to All
Sonshine- Special Friends 

The love of God was shown through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Sunday school is a place for us to learn how to be more like Jesus through our daily activities and interactions with others. Sunday school is an important activity in the lives of Christians and needs to be explored more. Please join us on this journey of discipleship.  

Sunday School Directors

Eric and Katrina Smith